Waste water treatment plant

Waste water treatment plant – we designed, manufactured and use this item of equipment at our manufacturing works.

Demanding production plants that need to have many thousands of litres of water available, a water treatment plant is almost indispensable. A sufficient quantity of water is essential for the quality of the end product, but equally importantly ensures protection of the environment.
As you can see in the model, it is designed on the principle of a cascade with a special internal organisation to ensure the ideal sinking of heavy particles, at the end resulting in treated water that is suitable for reuse for washing materials in the washing plant.
In our conditions we had to change the water and clean the equipment just twice a year. All in all we had 40,000 litres of water in circulation. The hourly performance was 15,000 litres.
The treatment plant is in permanent operation and contaminated water entering the plant passes through a rapid mixer unit where the necessary chemicals for cleansing the water for further use are applied.
Without continual treatment of used water, it is extremely hard to work with a plastics recycling line, especially while adhering to the requirements of environmental protection.

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